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Tory ‘sorry’ for lying on show debating honesty

A Tory city council candidate has said he is “truly sorry” after lying during a radio phone-in about honesty in politics.

Ashley Waterhouse (22), a Conservative standing in the Normanton ward, rang BBC Radio Derby's breakfast show yesterday calling himself “Paul in Normanton”.

He had been told by the BBC that as a candidate in May's election he could not take part in the discussion about transparency in politics.

Breakfast show host Phil Trow told listeners alarm bells rang when staff recognised his voice and rang him back to ask him if he was in fact Ashley Waterhouse.

Re-appearing on the show, Mr Waterhouse said he had made a mistake.

He said: “I phoned in the morning as Ashley Waterhouse and I thought I'd phone in again under another name, a false name.”

“But as I said, it was my decision and not the party's — I am not perfect.”

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