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TUV party to run for 11 'supercouncils'

The TUV aims to run candidates for all of the new amalgamated councils, the conference confirmed.

Party president William Ross , the former Ulster Unionist MP for East Londonderry, indicated the party intends to run for all 11 of the merged authorities in May.

"TUV has now demonstrated what can be achieved with one voice in the Assembly; imagine what could be achieved with multiple TUV voices across every council in Northern Ireland,"he said.

"This is our objective for 2014," he added, making no mention of the European election battle on the same day.

As the party members waited for news from the Union flag protest rally 50 miles away in Belfast, Mr Ross warned protest had a place, but it was a "limited" place.

"But the ballot box – that is not limited," he said. "It is the ballot box that makes change... and then installs in office those who will not fail."

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