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TV debate gives Nick a Clegg-up

By Linda Beers

With national opinion polls pointing to the likelihood of a hung Parliament, it is clear that this is the most unpredictable General Election since 1992.

One development has been the rise of Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg after his performance in the first leaders’ debate.

From the findings of our poll it is clear that Clegg-mania has also reached Northern Ireland with 34% of respondents wanting him as Prime Minister. David Cameron comes in next at 30%, while Gordon Brown trails at 23%.

Nick Clegg is the top choice for Catholics at 35%. Gordon Brown comes second at 26% and David Cameron third at 18%. It is significant that 21% of Catholic respondents want ‘none of them’.

Protestants polled give David Cameron a vote of confidence at 37% with Nick Clegg close behind at 34% and Gordon Brown, once again in third place on 23%.

It will surely be a disappointment to both UUP leader Sir Reg Empey and David Cameron that of the respondents who indicated that they intend to vote for UCUNF candidates, only a slight majority, 53%, want to see Mr Cameron as Prime Minister.

At 32% Nick Clegg has a significant following among UCUNF voters while Gordon Brown is the choice for just 12%.

Linda Beers is managing director of Inform Communications, which conducted the poll

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