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Ukip candidate branded a 'Nazi' while canvassing in Tyrone

Ukip candidate Alan Day was born in Germany but grew up in Scotland and here
Ukip candidate Alan Day was born in Germany but grew up in Scotland and here
Adrian Rutherford

By Adrian Rutherford

A Ukip candidate says he was branded a "Nazi" while out canvassing ahead of this week's local elections.

Alan Day is aiming to win a seat in the Cookstown district electoral area, which forms part of the new Mid Ulster council.

Mr Day, who was born in Germany but grew up in Scotland and Northern Ireland, said he had been "verbally accosted" by one person.

He also claimed Ukip election posters had been removed in Coagh.

It comes amid a growing storm over comments by a number of Ukip candidates nationally, including party leader Nigel Farage.

Mr Farage yesterday took out a full-page advert in the Daily Telegraph with police stats on Romanian criminals after admitting that a radio comment, in which he said he would be concerned if a group of Romanians moved in next door to him, had led to "predictable accusations of racism".

Mr Day, a 38-year-old self-employed IT technician, has rejected allegations that Ukip is racist.

"Ukip is a non-sectarian, non-racist unionist party," he said.

"Indeed, Ukip fielded the only black candidate at the last Northern Ireland Assembly election, Ade Bensen, alongside a Spanish candidate."

However, Mr Day confirmed he had received a hostile reaction from some voters.

"Several posters have been cut down and I have been verbally accosted by one individual whilst canvassing Coagh, being called a racist and a Nazi," he said.

Mr Day said any debate on immigration is about UK sovereignty and the freedom of movement granted to new EU members – and has nothing to do with race.

"Ukip are against racism and have condemned the recent spate of attacks around Northern Ireland," he added.

"It is worth taking time to remember that Polish airmen in the RAF during WWII were an essential bulwark during the Battle of Britain. Many were stationed in Northern Ireland.

"Ukip want the UK to trade with Europe but not be run by Europe."

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