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Unionists are 'in denial' over report: McCord

By Chris Thornton

Raymond McCord has slammed unionists who vetoed an Assembly debate about the Police Ombudsman's report on collusion in the police force.

The father - whose campaign exposed that UVF killers were paid police agents - said it was "a disgrace" and "an insult" that the Assembly's business committee chose to debate liquor licences over the report.

Mr McCord said the DUP and UUP decision to block the debate shows they are in a state of denial. "If this report is so wrong, have the debate and explain why you think it's wrong," he said.

"Let them have it while I sit in the public gallery. Then they can look up, look me in the eye and say, 'Raymond McCord, you're wrong'."

"Nuala O'Loan says I'm right. Peter Hain says I'm right. Tony Blair says I'm right.

"If the DUP and UUP think I'm wrong, have the debate and say why.

"I accept that we had a police force that wanted to put people in jail. I accept a lot of good men lost their lives.

"This is not a witchhunt. It's about men who hid behind the badge and the good name of the RUC."

Mr McCord's complaint to the Police Ombudsman led to the three-year investigation which concluded that UVF informers were involved in at least 10 murders while they worked for police.

DUP Assembly member Lord Morrow said he voted against the debate as Sinn Fein put forward the motion to hold it. A second motion by the SDLP was not considered.

Alliance Party MLA Kieran McCarthy, who was in favour of the debate, said: " It is essential that we have the chance to discuss this report within the Assembly so that everyone can voice their thoughts and concerns."

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