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US Presidential election: Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton, The Washington Post's verdict

Ahead of US presidental D-Day, the Belfast Telegraph gets the inside track on a poll too close to call

By Claire Williamson

It is at the fulcrum in covering the US presidential race.

Publishing a constant stream of political stories every day, the historic Washington Post is the informed choice of reading for Americans and the rest of the world as the race for the White House enters its final days.

And this year the battle to become America's 45th President has certainly not left the paper short of headlines as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump go head-to-head.

The Belfast Telegraph was given a tour of the Post's office in the capital. It was a rare insight into the high-speed mechanics of the news outlet that memorably broke the Watergate scandal, bringing down Richard Nixon in the process.

And in the midst of Trump's election-rigging allegations and FBI investigations into the use of Clinton's personal email server while in government, Washington Post senior political editor Steven Ginsberg gave his insight into the election, branding it "unusual" from the outset.

He said: "Something like 60-65% of Americans dislike both candidates. That, by nature, is very unusual. When you have an election you tend to elect the one you like.

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"We are at the high point of the cycle - it will get worse, no matter who wins. I don't think the other side will accept the legitimacy of either of them."

But what has it been like covering an election commanding the attention of the world, and sifting through the rhetoric to find the facts?

"It's been difficult, at times depressing, but mostly fun," he responded.

"Trump brings things to the table that you just don't normally get. Some of those are really ugly things, and they are things that need to be discussed and reported on and talked about.

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"He forces out constant conversation and if you are a reporter or editor it's great - you get to talk about things you don't normally talk about, with everyone paying attention."

Post deputy managing editor Tracy Grant questioned who would be able to hold either successful candidate to account.

She said: "I think one of the questions the whole email thing speaks to, is do people feel comfortable speaking truth to the power that is the Clinton family?

"And do you get listened to if you speak that truth to power?"

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