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UUP Conference: King Tom could do no wrong

There's a good old Elvis joke made at the expense of the Ulster Unionist Party.

It dates back to the time when David Trimble was leader and Upper Bann MP. Peter Robinson told his conference about the difference between the now Lord Trimble and the late lamented rock star.

“Elvis has been spotted three times in Portadown this year,” he said.

But it was Elvis who came to the aide of new UU leader Tom Elliott this weekend. Elliott strode to the stage at his annual conference to the thumping beat of the King's ‘A little less conversation, a little more action’.

And this crowd had come to crown Tom King. He could do no wrong — and even got applauded when he insisted he would not be doing anything just to get applause.

With the news of the latest up-and-coming party figure to resign, Freddie Mercury impersonator Flash Harry Hamilton, breaking as the conference held a private session on Friday, one would have expected little in the way of harmony.

But those attending broke into Happy Birthday for chairman David Campbell at the start — and an Ulster Youth Orchestra string quartet entertained everyone during lunch.

Mr Campbell nevertheless exposed the underlying mood by grumpily referring to Mr Hamilton as “Flash in the pan” Harry.

What chance of a Queen-themed ‘We Are the Champions' conference after next year's election?

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