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UUP man jumps ship to the DUP in Lisburn

By Noel McAdam

Another UUP councillor has defected to the DUP, just six months after being elected.

Alan Carlisle said the UUP remains mired in confusion and drift and infighting is “endemic”.

But the 55-year-old said he is paying back around £400 in election expenses given to him by the UUP because he was unemployed.

The father-of-two said: “I was delighted when I was elected and there was all kinds of talk about bringing back the feelgood factor but nothing ever materialised, and I think I did give the UUP long enough to turn it around.”

His defection gives the DUP effective control of Lisburn Borough with 50% of the seats, and gives the UUP four seats, behind Sinn Fein on five seats.

Mr Carlisle replaced veteran local government representative Ivan Davis — who at one stage left the DUP to join the UUP — when he was elected in May but said he soon found the “hand of friendship” was being extended to him on the council by DUP colleagues.

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