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UUP man’s anger at ‘lackey’ Ford

By Liam Clarke

Alliance leader David Ford has been accused of “doing the bidding of the DUP and Sinn Fein” by attacking the UUP.

Rodney McCune, a UUP candidate for East Antrim, accused |the outgoing Justice Minister of living in a fantasy world and ignoring the failings of the two parties.

He was responding to comments made by Mr Ford in a Belfast Telegraph interview on Tuesday. The Alliance leader had branded the UUP “unrealistic” and accused its leader, Tom Elliott, of “talking complete and utter nonsense”, while praising the two big parties as realistic.

“Does Mr Ford forget about the millions wasted on not pushing through the reform of local councils?” he asked.

“Is he so eager to further ingratiate himself with his new chums, Peter (Robinson) and Martin (McGuinness) that he forgets we should have had a national sports stadium in time for next summer’s London Olympics, and squandered millions on consultants before ditching the idea?”

He claimed: “Its hardly surprising to see Mr Ford doing the bidding of the DUP and Sinn Fein, as he serves at their pleasure.”

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