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Will the handover be good for Northern Ireland?

Ten views on the issue.

Bumper Graham

NI Public Service Alliance

"NIPSA does not agree with the introduction of the corporation tax as it will lead to the loss of hundreds of jobs in the public sector with the resultant loss of spending by people in those jobs into the local economy. It will lead to the further erosion of public services."

Steven Agnew

Green Party MLA

"To give a tax break to large multinational companies at the same time as making cuts to public services which protect the most vulnerable in our community is not only ill-advised, it is also unfair, and does nothing to serve the common good."

Stephen Hill

S Hill & Co Financial Services

"We believe that the powers to reduce corporation tax which are likely to be announced will be very positive over the medium to long-term for the Northern Ireland economy in terms of job creation and the trickle-down effect to the wider economy."

Niall McKenna

Chef, James Street South restaurant

"The reduction of corporation tax will not have a direct impact on the profits of our business but there might be indirect opportunities to create jobs and improve discretionary spend. Cutting VAT would have a more positive impact directly on businesses in the hospitality sector."

Joe McCusker


"I FIND it astounding that our politicians could decide to reduce corporation tax, which will mean money lost to the Northern Ireland Executive which could be put into front line health and education services that are facing savage cuts at the moment."

Colin Neill

Pubs of Ulster

"With a stroke of the Prime Minister's pen and legislation in the NI Assembly, we could see tens of thousands of jobs created within a decade. For hotels, pubs and restaurants there is no doubt that any move which sees a growing private sector would be a game-changer."

Ian Marshall

Ulster Farmers Union

"Having the flexibility to vary corporation tax at a regional level is something that could greatly benefit the Northern Ireland agri-food industry. Due to the structure of the agriculture industry it is not something that would generally benefit primary producers."

Glyn Roberts

Northern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association

"It will be good for our retail sector as more foreign direct investment means more jobs and more spending in our retail sector. NIIRTA is 100% behind the campaign; it's about long-term investment in the Northern Ireland economy."

Kevin Kingston

NI Chamber of Commerce

"If the power to set the rate of corporation tax is ultimately devolved, it will be the business community that will be charged with the responsibility of investing the additional capital released to employ more people, and create more wealth, and generate more tax."

Patrick McAliskey

Managing director of technology company Novosco

"Reducing corporation tax would provide significant benefits for the economy, both in attracting foreign direct investment and supporting high-growth indigenous companies like ourselves to invest and create employment locally."

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