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Pricewatch: We want to hear from you

Send us your comments on the cost of living in Northern Ireland AND add your name to our fair price for fuel petition

As part of our Pricewatch campaign we are demanding an end to the way two leading retail giants charge drivers for petrol and diesel in a postcode lottery.

Just last month, Tesco and Sainsbury's were urged to drop their regional pricing policies after it emerged that the cost of filling up was subject to regional variations of up to 5p a litre.

But, to date, very little appears to have been done to stamp out these price differences.

That's why the Belfast Telegraph is giving each and every one one of our readers the opportunity to say enough is enough.

Are you fed up being ripped off? Or are you happy to pay different prices depending on which forecourt you visit?

Make your voice heard by simply filling out the fair price fuel form (right) which calls on Tesco and Sainsbury's to play fair by offering their cheapest price to all their customers in Northern Ireland.

We will collect the names on behalf of our readers and forward them to the respective supermarkets by way of a petition.

Pricewatch: let's fight for fair prices.

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