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PSNI deputy to meet illegal roadblock officers

The deputy chief constable is to meet some of the officers who saw a heavily-armed dissident republican gang stage a checkpoint in Meigh, south Armagh, it has emerged.

Judith Gillespie is to meet some of the eight officers who were patrolling near the village.

It is understood the gang was made up of at least seven men with automatic weapons and a rocket launcher.

The deputy chief constable will also meet with representatives of the Police Federation, the body which represents rank and file officers.

Meanwhile the Orange Order has expressed its concern about events in south Armagh, claiming that “police appear to have surrendered effective control in some areas to paramilitary groups”.

A spokesman said: “Although not so well publicised, we believe this is also happening in parts of Fermanagh, which are not being policed.

“We fully support the policemen and women on the ground, who are being left in an impossible and life threatening position, because of the politically inspired changes to policing which are designed to appease rather that deliver a better service,” he added.

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