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PSNI probe after funeral gun salute

Police have said they are investigating an incident where a volley of shots were fired over the coffin of Derry dissident republican Jim Gallagher, who died suddenly at the weekend.

Mr Gallagher, who was interned during the 1970s, had been involved with the Republican Network for Unity.

It is understood three masked gunmen fired the shots over a tricolour-draped coffin outside the house in Cable Street in the Bogside on Tuesday night.

A crowd of onlookers applauded when the shots were fired.

In October four men dressed in paramilitary-style uniform and black masks fired a volley of shots over the coffin of Strabane dissident republican John Brady.

Traditional Unionist leader Jim Allister compared Derry to the “wild west” following the latest incident.

Mr Allister said: “It is a scandal that masked IRA men should be able to act in such a wild west fashion in a built up area.

“Has the Chief Constable learnt nothing from the incident back in October when shots were fired over the coffin of John Brady in Strabane? Why has he allowed republican gunmen to again control our streets?

“Unionists supportive of terrorist-inclusive government often claim that republicans now support the rule of law, yet today in Londonderry's Bogside —the heartland of Joint First Minister McGuinness — IRA gun law has prevailed.”

According to its website the Republican Network for Unity “is not a political party and is not constituted as such”.

A PSNI spokeswoman said police are investigating the incident.

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