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Public sector cuts will damage Ulster badly: Burnham

A contender for the Labour leadership has warned that the Tory/Lib Dem coalition will seriously harm Northern Ireland’s economy through its plans to massively cut the public sector.

Former Health Secretary Andy Burnham praised former Prime Minister Gordon Brown for the way he dealt with the publication of Lord Saville’s findings on Bloody Sunday.

But he warned that the coalition Government will hamper growth in the private sector through planned public sector cuts.

It has been estimated that up to 20,000 jobs in Northern Ireland’s public sector could be axed under Chancellor George Osborne’s austerity measures. Mr Burnham cited the infamous comments made by Mr Cameron on News

night in the run-up to the election about the province’s dependence on state funding as the “first sign” of what the Tories had in store.

Mr Burnham told the Belfast Telegraph: “My leadership campaign will be talking about rebalancing the country. It is too London-centric.”

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