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PUP leader urges loyalists not to react to killings

By Brian Rowan

Loyalist political leader Dawn Purvis has called for a “swift, direct and focused” police response to the weekend dissident republican gun attack at Massereene Barracks.

And the Stormont politician has warned that loyalist retaliation would “divert police resources away from pursuing these criminals”.

The East Belfast MLA, a former member of the Policing Board, said: “There is understandable anger in the wider community. Loyalism is part of that wider community and not immune to feelings of shock and anger.” But she added: “That anger needs to be channelled positively.”

Ms Purvis said the paramilitaries should “not react to these small criminal gangs” — a reference to the dissident republican organisations, including the Real IRA which has admitted being behind the weekend attack.

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