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Putting the brakes on red light runners

By Deborah McAleese

Cameras which capture motorists in Belfast who run red lights have gone live.

They are the latest police weapon in the battle against careless and dangerous drivers and are now operating at five locations across the city.

The highly visible cameras will record motorists driving through red lights at major junctions. Those who are captured can expect a fine and penalty points.

The cameras are located at:

the junction of York Street and Great George Street;

the junction of Castle Street/Divis Street;

the junction of Peter's Hill and Millfield;

Middle Path Street at the M3 slip road;

the junction of Nelson Street and York Street.

It is understood that the five sites were chosen because they are areas with a history of collisions.

Police began testing their new 'red light running camera' system in the city at the start of October.

There has been increasing concern in recent years about the number of vehicles that dash across red lights, risking the lives of themselves and others.

The Belfast Telegraph revealed earlier this year that the cameras were coming to Ulster. A number of the tall, visible cameras were erected during the summer.

Assistant Chief Constable Duncan McCausland said that to date 91 people have been killed on our roads in Northern Ireland this year.

He added: "While one in four of all road deaths are caused by speed, our overall aim is to influence driver behaviour.

"We are not aiming to catch motorists out with these cameras. We hope that they will encourage road users to pay greater attention, obey the traffic signals and consequently, significantly reduce the number of collisions and casualties,.

Policing and Justice Minister Paul Goggins said: "We are all too aware of the devastation that road traffic accidents cause and the Government is committed to reducing the number of deaths on our roads by working in partnership with the devolved administration and the PSNI."

The cameras use the same technology as the fixed Gatso speed cameras which are located at four locations in Belfast.

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