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Quinn friend tells of final moments

A friend of Paul Quinn, the Armagh man murdered in a suspected republican beating last month, has spoken of how he and his pal were lured to the shed where he met his death.

The dead man's girlfriend has also spoken for the first time of witnessing Mr Quinn's final moments as she accompanied him to hospital in an ambulance.

Brendan Nugent (21) told the Sunday Times that he and Paul, also 21, had been "spinning" around their home town of Cullyhanna in a car on the afternoon of Saturday, October 25, when he received a phonecall offering them work on a farmyard across the border in Co Monaghan.

"It was 'come and clean up the yard, there's cattle coming tomorrow'," he said.

After arriving at the farm in Oram, he said: "We walked in, round the back and we were standing talking for a good five minutes.

"We were thinking the yard didn't look that bad. I walked over beside a lorry. That's when I seen the first fella. I said, 'Paul, run!"

Mr Nugent then described how they were then surrounded by masked men.

"I knew they were looking for Paul," he said. "I thought they'd give him a bit of a beating - a broken arm or something."

Mr Nugent then described the attack on Mr Quinn: "They were beating him, you could hear the bars bouncing off him, maybe four or five bars, he was screaming."

The paper reported that after the victim fell silent, the attack continued for some five minutes. When the beating ceased, Mr Nugent said his friend was "the picture of death" and wrapped a coat over him before ringing Paul's girlfriend, Emma Murphy.

The 18-year-old told the Irish Mail on Sunday that seeing her boyfriend moments from death was "the hardest thing I've ever witnessed in my life."

"He was more or less screaming with the pain, he was in a bad way," she said. "I thought first that he had got bullet shots in his legs, but it was actually the bone sticking out of his knee. I thought he was just going to have broken arms, broken legs. He had bruises all over his face and his head and there was blood coming out of his arms and legs."

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