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Race ace Coulthard going for very quick spin around Belfast

By Claire McNeilly

It's not every day you get to race around Belfast City Hall at break-neck speed.

But the PSNI will probably turn a blind eye just this once for ex-Formula One star David Coulthard.

The 13-times grand prix victor is expected to give spectators a quick thrill when he takes to the streets of Belfast in a nippy Formula One car.

Indeed, the Scots race ace is expected to demonstrate fancy footwork, hitting white knuckle speeds of up to 170 miles per hour around the city.

It will be a once in a lifetime experience for people in Northern Ireland, which is playing host to one of just two such events worldwide.

The daring 30-minute performance will start at the Black Man and finish at the law courts, with the BBC pundit whizzing down Wellington Place, Donegall Square North, Chichester Street and Donegall Square East.

And although it’s a far cry from Monaco, the event is courtesy of the Red Bull City Limits challenge, scheduled to take place at 8pm next Saturday.

Fans will also be able to see a Formula One car in a paddock garage outside the gates of the City Hall, before the much-anticipated night drive. Red Bull’s chief technical officer has warned Ulster folk to brace themselves for a heart-racing performance from the top British driver.

“Formula One becomes a little less interesting when everything is stable, so we’ve decided to make things interesting,” he said.

“David will put on an unforgettable display of speed, power and control when he brings the car for a spin, literally, along the streets of Belfast.”

There will also be a pit-stop opportunity at the Red Bull Garage at the gates of the City Hall from 12pm to 4pm, where visitors can see what goes on behind the scenes at Formula One paddocks.

Another car static display will be held at Stormont between 9am and 10.30am on Saturday, March 20.

Spectators are being warned to expect high noise levels during the city streets spin.

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