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Rape accused ‘seeing lots of women’


Former DUP councillor William Wilkinson

Former DUP councillor William Wilkinson

Former DUP councillor William Wilkinson

The woman who claims she was raped by loyalist councillor William Wilkinson has told a court that the former DUP man was seeing “lots of other women” at the time of the attack and that she later discovered he was engaged to one of them.

The woman, who was in the witness box at Antrim Crown Court for a second day giving evidence against 33-year-old Wilkinson, denied she had been annoyed by his other relationships or by him twice calling her the wrong name.

Wilkinson, from Tully Road Portglenone, who helped launch the Love Ulster Campaign and who has worked with loyalist victims’ group FAIR, is denying charges of raping and attempting to rape the woman in her north Antrim home on August 21 2008. The witness told the jury yesterday that she saw Wilkinson a couple of times a week but “there was nothing heavy between them”.

She added: “We were not in a relationship. He said he was seeing lots of women, but I wasn’t bothered because we weren’t going to settle down in a long-term relationship.”

She said Wilkinson,who quit the DUP in protest at Ian Paisley’s power-sharing deal with Sinn Fein, mentioned the name of one woman in particular on a number of occasions.

She asked him who she was and he said she was somebody he knew, somebody he had been seeing. The witness said he also wrongly called her by the woman’s name, once in the bedroom and once in the kitchen.

She said that after the alleged rape she found Wilkinson’s mobile phone and went through his photographs and texts. She said she rang the number of the woman Wilkinson spoke about and asked if she was his girlfriend. She said they were engaged.

A doctor who examined Wilkinson after the alleged rape said he found over 20 scratches on his face, neck, shoulders and back.

The woman is expected to resume her evidence this morning.

At hearing.

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