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Princess Diana

Will the royals ever get another Diana? 

In some ways this is a golden age for the royal family. From their modern nadir, immediately after the public relations fallout following the death of Princess Diana - exactly 20 years ago - they are now stronger than they have ever been. Official polls in the UK show that no political party can hold a candle to the Windsors' popularity. The family are now an international superbrand, made up of equal parts charity, diplomacy, and celebrity, and seem almost impervious to scandal. The jingoism of Brexit has not touched them. The outrage at austerity completely missed them.

Royal saga: Charles and Diana led an unhappy marriage. Photo: Martin Keene/PA Wire

Sentiments of Jane Austen echoed in loveless relationship of Charles and Diana 

It would be an exaggeration to say that I knew Diana, Princess of Wales, but I met her, and it later transpired that she read what I wrote. Or maybe she just read the reports about herself, for she said to the editor of The Daily Telegraph (as he recounted subsequently), "Why can't you write nice things about me, like Mary Kenny?" I suppose I did write positively about Diana because she was a very winning personality, and seemed so unstuffy: she spoke rather simply to me about how she really would have liked to be a nurse, and how rewarding it was to look after people who were ill or afflicted.


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