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20 Donegal dolphins put on spectacular dance display

Residents of Republic of Ireland penninsula Innishowen and overseas visitors were entertained by a display of dancing dolphins on Sunday when 20 of the mammals made their way to the shoreline to perform an awe inspiring routine.

The dolphins demonstrated their aquatic acrobatic skills between Moville and Greencastle where locals came out in their droves to witness the rarity.

A group of French tourists were also treated to the free show which lasted an hour.

Local man Enda Craig told the Derry Journal that he had never seen anything like the display.

“I got a call from a neighbour telling me to get down to the shore. I rushed out grabbing my camera along the way. It was amazing. There were all sorts of people watching the dolphins give this amazing display,” he said.

“What was so spectacular was that they were so close to the shore - not more than 200 metres away. I would say there were 15 to 20 of them but they never all came up above the water at the same time. You had to keep a sharp eye on them. They were playing to their heart’s content,” he added.

Mr Craig who is also an environmental activist took pictures of the display and forwarded them to Donegal County officials in a bid to prevent them from realising a sewage scheme that could see excrement put into the bay.

He continued: “The appearance of the dolphins proves to me that this is madness at just about every level.”

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