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45 arrested as Irish police bust heroin operation

Gardai have taken out a major distribution network for crack cocaine and heroin and arrested 45 people after officers went undercover in Dublin.

Operation Marshall — a covert operation lasting six months — targeted on-street supply and distribution right across Dublin's inner city, but primarily the south-inner city. Gardai infiltrated the gangs across the supply line building files of evidence.

Over Wednesday and yesterday officers went after their targets with the arrest of 45 people. A spokesman said last night: “The arrests follow a six-month covert operation which has dismantled one of the city's principal drug distribution networks. Suspects at all levels of this large and organised network of heroin and crack cocaine supply chain have been arrested and charged.”

A large number of the arrested men are expected to be brought before the courts this morning.

Over 150 charges have already been brought against the suspects.

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