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5,000 jobs available for Census

Temporary posts for 5,000 enumerators for the 2011 Census will be filled in the new year.

Staff are needed to deliver and collect forms from households over a 10-week period from March next year.

Anyone interested in becoming an enumerator for the 2011 Census - to take place on Sunday April 10 - should pre-register at where they can also watch a video about the role.

Deirdre Cullen, from the Central Statistics Office (CSO), said enumerators are a vitally important part of the census process.

"We have found, for the most part, that enumerators find it a very rewarding experience and many have done more than one census," she said.

"Given the extensive contact that they have with the public, it is important that enumerators have patience, tact and consideration.

"They must also be able to read maps and understand detailed instructions."

The application process will open on January 4 for one week only. Successful applicants will be offered fixed purpose contracts of approximately 10 weeks starting on March 8 and can expect to earn in the region of 2,200 euro.

Enumerators must be prepared to devote approximately 22 hours per week to census duties and will need to work five to six evenings every week and at least one day every weekend.

Every household in the country is obliged by law to complete a census, which was first carried out in 1841.


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