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700,000 households apply for 100 euro water conservation grant

Some 716,000 households have applied for a 100 euro water conservation grant ahead of Thursday's midnight deadline.

The Department of Social Protection, which is processing the payment, released the figures as part of an 11 hour drive to get people into the system through

More than 1.3 million households are eligible to apply for the payment, as they have registered with Irish Water.

Some 395,000 households have already received their payment and all payments should be made by the end of October.

There is no condition attached to the grant that it has to be spent on conservation and neither is there an obligation to pay water charges if a consumer signs up for the payment.

The scheme was only open to consumers who registered with Irish Water by the end of June this year.

A helpline for people seeking information about the grant or for those who cannot apply online will remain open until 10pm on Wednesday and from 8.30am until the Thursday midnight deadline.


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