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79% of smokers want to give it up

Almost eight in every 10 smokers in Ireland want to kick the habit, according to new research.

The proportion of tobacco users who want to give it up is higher compared to most other European countries, the study found.

Norma Cronin, of the Irish Cancer Society, said the report shows Ireland has a lot more to do despite leading the world in anti-smoking laws.

"It is important that the government and the Health Service Executive set targets so that we can bring down the numbers of people smoking to 20% by 2020," she said.

Ms Cronin, a health promotion manager with the society, was one of the experts consulted for the Europe Quitting: Progress and Pathways (Equipp) survey.

Researchers funded by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer questioned tens of thousands of smokers and non-smokers online last month across 20 European countries about tobacco use.

The poll found 79% of Irish smokers want to quit the habit compared to a European average of 67%.

Only Luxembourg had a higher percentage of tobacco users who wanted to give it up.

( Cancer Society)


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