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A bid to attract global attention?

By Paul Williams

The discovery of a car bomb is a chilling reminder of the ever-present dangers posed by dissident republican terrorists.

The device, containing 50lbs of homemade explosives, was found in Lucan by gardai acting on intelligence. It was primed and ready for use.

A similar bomb was found two years ago hidden in the Phoenix Park in Dublin. It contained 45lbs of explosives with a kill range of 150 metres.

The main question now is what the terrorists intended doing with this devastating weapon.

News of the find was kept quiet by gardai yesterday, as it coincided with the arrival of the Giro d'Italia in Dublin.

But the initial belief by reliable security sources was that the bomb may have been intended for use in the city to attract maximum world attention.

If it was the case, then it is indeed a chilling development.

Fortunately, like the PSNI, the garda's anti-terrorist squad, the Special Detective Unit, has enjoyed considerable success in thwarting dissident terrorist gangs.

An escalation of dissident republican activities would have dire consequences for everyone.

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