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Accused let dog lick dead New Age Traveller's blood off floor, court is told

A woman accused of murder in the Republic of Ireland told a man she had split a New Age Traveller's head open with a wooden mallet before a dog licked his blood off her kitchen floor.

The claim came on the third day of the trial of Una Geaney (45), who denies the murder of Gary Bull (37) four years ago.

Ms Geaney, of Mullinagleamig, Dingle, Co Kerry, but a native of Fermoy, Co Cork, denies killing Mr Bull at Shanlaragh, Dunmanway, Co Cork on or around September 23, 2007.

Mr Bull was a native of Hertfordshire in the UK but had been living in west Cork for a number of years as part of a New Age Traveller community.

When gardai finally recovered Mr Bull's body from a slurry pit in October 2007, a post-mortem examination revealed he had died from multiple skull fractures.

It is the State's case that Mr Bull was beaten to death with a mallet after a three-day birthday party at Ms Geaney's home.

Yesterday, Peter Donohoe told the trial that he had spoken with Ms Geaney and Amanda McNabb in the days following the party.

"Una said she hit him with some kind of mallet. There was some lads and they hit him first," he told the Central Criminal Court.

"They knocked him out.

"Una and Amanda tried to resuscitate him but when he came around he verbally abused (them). They started to fight with him.

"She (Ms Geaney) hit him with a mallet. Amanda stabbed him. She was telling me and Amanda was agreeing with everything (she said).

"It (his head) had opened up -- I think they were in the kitchen. Blood was on the kitchen floor. She went into graphic detail about blood on the floor and the dog licked it or something like that. It was all a bit sick... and he was dead."

However, defence counsel, Ciaran O'Loughlin, suggested to the witness that his recollection of the alleged conversation was totally incorrect.

The trial has already heard the ex-partner of Mr Bull, Claire Freeman, claim she saw Ms Geaney and Ms McNabb washing blood off the kitchen walls.

Another party-goer, John Kearns, said when Mr Bull arrived at the party he was intoxicated and very aggressive.

Mr Bull taunted his former partner, before he started up a petrol-driven con-saw and started waving it around his head.

The saw was taken off Mr Bull after he was struck in the face with a wooden plank by another party-goer.

Mr Kearns said Mr Bull was dazed and wanted to go home, but Ms Geaney did not want him to leave.

The trial continues today.

Source Irish Independent

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