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Actor Mark Ruffalo to join Green Party in webinar to back government deal

US actor Mark Ruffalo is a high-profile opponent of the use of fracked gas.


Mark Ruffalo (PA)

Mark Ruffalo (PA)

Mark Ruffalo (PA)

US Actor Mark Ruffalo will join Eamon Ryan and Catherine Martin of the Green Party in a webinar to talk about the Programme For Government and their opposition to fracked gas.

Ruffalo is an opponent of the use fracked gas and has previously got behind the campaign against the proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal in County Kerry.

On Sunday night, Mr Ruffalo urged Green Party members to vote for the draft programme for government deal, and said it would make Ireland a world leader on climate change.

The programme for government currently being voted on by Green Party members contains a stated opposition to fracked gas imports.

The draft deal states that the parties “do not support the importation of fracked gas and shall develop a policy statement to establish that approach”.

It states the government will “withdraw the Shannon LNG terminal from the EU Projects of Common Interest list in 2021”.

Ahead of the webinar, the Green Party quotes Ruffalo as stating the pledge would represent “a monumental achievement for Ireland”.

“For years, US and Irish campaigners have worked together to achieve a ban on fracking in Ireland. Now the PfG is an opportunity for a monumental achievement for Ireland to become the first country in the world to ban fracked gas imports. This is crucial for our shared climate, as well as for the public health of Americans,” Ruffalo is quoted as saying.

Ruffalo has been campaigning against fracking for the past 10 years.

“I have been advocating for 10 years with Americans who have been poisoned by fracking, many who live in the areas that would supply Ireland with fracked gas. I’m thankful that US anti-fracking activists contacted Green Party leaders to support the Programme for Government and that I can lend my support in this critical moment,” reads the statement.

Green Party members are currently voting on whether to accept the deal with party rules dictating that two-thirds support is required.

Members of Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are expected to vote to pass the deal but there have been differences among Green Party members.

The vote will be counted on Friday, with a result expected that evening.