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Adams in call over Anglo Irish move

The Irish government mishandled the bank bailout and should have let Anglo Irish collapse, Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams said.

The republican leader said it was correct to take action to protect the economy and the banking system, but claimed the government had forced unnecessary debt on the public purse.

Mr Adams suggested that critics who branded his party "economically illiterate" had promoted policies that caused the current crisis.

He again defended his decision to bid for election in Louth but denied his move into Dail politics overturned the party policy of giving a platform to younger Sinn Fein members already based in the south.

The Sinn Fein president focused his comments an attack on the government's handling of the economy.

"We would burn the bonds now," he said.

"When we were briefed by the Department of Finance, we said we would go along, that the banks have to be stabilised, the banks are a very, very spinal part of any economy.

"We said we would support the government's position if - and we gave conditions - if they were going to give credit to medium and small businesses, and do all sorts of things, and when it came to the vote, the government said they weren't going to do that, we voted against it."

He said the government pursued a faulty policy of supporting banks such as Anglo Irish which he said could never have been saved.

"The banks wouldn't crash, some banks would," he said.


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