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Adams to lead Sinn Fein in Dail

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams will lead the party's enlarged Dail team.

Mr Adams claimed the party is the only real opposition to the "coalition of cuts" involving Fine Gael and Labour, and supported by Fianna Fail.

He said: "Sinn Fein is here to do business. We are here to put backbone into the Dail. The problems faced by our citizens last week are still there today."

Sinn Fein has almost trebled its numbers in the Dail from five before the election to 14. Mr Adams topped the poll in Co Louth.

The party president said no decisions have been made on who will be on his frontbench team.

Mr Adams questioned whether the incoming government would scrap the Universal Social Charge, stop emigration and tackle the difficulties faced by families in mortgage arrears.

He said: "Will they continue to pour public money into toxic banks? What we see emerging is a coalition for cuts involving Fine Gael and Labour and supported by Fianna Fail.

"The information that Fine Gael and Labour received from the Department of Finance in recent days needs to be made public."


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