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Air crash report to be published

A preliminary report into a plane crash that killed six people and injured six more is due to be published.

Air accident investigators are expected to reveal why the flight from Belfast crashed at Cork Airport when it attempted to land in thick fog on February 10.

Brendan McAleese, 39, a businessman in Co Tyrone, Pat Cullinan, 45, a partner in leading accountancy firm KPMG in Belfast; Captain Michael Evans, 51, Deputy Harbour Master in Belfast, and Richard Noble, a 49-year-old businessman who was originally from Derbyshire but lived in Northern Ireland, were among the victims.

The others who died were pilot Jordi Gola Lopez, 31, from Spain and his English co-pilot Andrew Cantle, 27, from Sunderland.

Mr McAleese was a cousin of Dr Martin McAleese, husband of the Republic's President Mary McAleese.

Manx2, which is operated by Spanish firm Flightline BCN, has since ended its service between Belfast and Cork. The aircraft was owned by Airlada.

The Department of Transport's Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) will release its preliminary findings online.

It is believed the plane touched down and a wing clipped the runway before the craft flipped over and landed on grass, catching fire.

The 19-year-old Fairchild Metroliner aircraft had undergone a full maintenance check the week before the accident.

It is understood the survivors of the plane crash plan to take a multi-million euro legal action against the Spanish operator of the flight.


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