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Airport chief's bonus grounded

Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) chief Declan Collier has been forced to give up his controversial 106,100 euro bonus amid Government pressure.

In a statement the DAA said that in light of economic circumstances, Mr Collier would forego this year's payment.

Transport Minister Leo Varadkar, who hit out at the DAA board for approving the windfall, welcomed the u-turn, claiming the semi-state sector would have to transform to survive.

"That requires leadership and personal sacrifice from the top. I welcome Mr Collier's decision in this context," Mr Varadkar said.

"It follows similar decisions taken by other semi-state chiefs, and I hope that we will see further examples of such leadership from others across the semi-state sector in the weeks ahead."

The DAA said the payment had originally been deferred until the end of Mr Collier's contract.

The chief executive's total remuneration last year was 612,500 euro.

This included a salary of 308,500 euro and pension contributions and other benefits totalling 182,100 euro.

Earlier Finance Minister Michael Noonan suggested the DAA board should consider its position. He told RTE Radio earlier: "The Irish taxpayer is the 100% shareholder in the Dublin Airport Authority. If directors cannot agree with the view of the shareholder, and the shareholder is represented by the Minister, I'd ask the question, what are they doing staying on?"

Last week the Government announced top-earning civil servants, semi-state chiefs and judges are being hit with huge pay cuts to cap salaries at 250,000 euro.


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