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Airport warns over security moves

Dublin airport has warned it will take two months to bring its security measures into line with new European rules.

The transport hub failed an audit after being handpicked to test new screening regimes for passengers travelling on to further destinations.

Transport Minister Leo Varadkar said he takes the concerns raised very seriously.

"These additional procedures are not expected to have any significant impact on passengers at Dublin airport unless they are transferring through another EU (European Union) airport en route to their final destination, in which case they will be required to undergo screening again," he said.

"This does not impact on other airports in the state."

Both the minister and the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) refused to explain in detail the lapses identified during the European audit on security grounds.

Between 8% and 10% of passengers using Dublin airport are to be affected by new security measures. It is believed the stricter rules could see passengers leaving Dublin being rescreened for security clearance as they pass through a second airport on their way to a final destination.

Dublin was the first airport tested for compliance by European security chiefs. Cork and Shannon were not affected.

In a statement, the DAA said it will take about two months to address one of the security issues due to its technical nature.

A spokeswoman for the airport insisted that passengers initially flying out of Dublin would not be affected by the change and that it will not add to waiting times at security screening for these travellers and their luggage.


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