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Alert as pilot reports 'smoke in cockpit' during landing at Irish airport

By Ralph Riegel

Emergency services have been stood down at Cork Airport after a plane made a safe landing minutes after its pilot had reported smoke in the cockpit.

The flight, an Aer Lingus Regional/Stobart flight from Birmingham, landed safely at Cork Airport shortly before 10.20am with 70 passengers and crew.

There were no incidents or injuries involved.

Eye-witnesses also said there was no sign whatsoever of smoke or fire around the aircraft.

Subsequently, all passengers made a routine departure from the aircraft and went to the baggage claim area.

A full emergency had been declared at Cork Airport after the pilot had reported that he detected smoke in the cockpit.

All emergency services have been placed on standby with fire crews ready by the side of the runway.

Gardai and civil defence units were also on standby to support airport personnel if required.

Three other aircraft were ordered to remain in a holding patterns above Cork Airport while the emergency landing took place.

Once the turboprop aircraft had safely landed and there was no sign of any fire or smoke by the aircraft, the emergency was formally stood down.

Several ambulances, which had attended the airport as a precautionary measures, were recalled.

A full technical and engineering inspection of the aircraft will now take place to determine the possible cause of the smoke in the cockpit.

Several such diversion or emergency landings take place across Europe each week due to potential smoke issues.

They largely involve smaller aircraft and can vary from minor electrical issues to the intake of engine smoke into the fuselage air-conditioning system.

Shannon is the primary airport for such emergency landings in the south.

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