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Appeal over elderly in cold weather

Age Action has called on people to keep a check on elderly neighbours as the cold snap claimed another life.

The weather remains treacherous for older residents around the country, spokesman Eamon Timmins said.

A woman, who was in her 70s, was found dead outside her home in Tuam, Co Galway, on Tuesday. It is suspected she slipped on ice.

"People think the crisis has passed, but footpaths in the towns and cities are thick with ice. It's as dangerous as it was in the thickness of the snow," said Mr Timmins.

"People were responding and calling on older people and we need to make sure that effort is kept up, at least until the weekend when the thaw comes.

"We are urging elderly people to stay indoors, but they can only do that if people visit them and bring them food, fuel and medication.

"A lot of people are falling outside their homes bringing in fuel. If they break a bone at this stage it would have a huge impact on their life."

While ice and snow have thawed slowly in many areas during the day, temperatures will be as low as between minus 2C and minus 9C overnight, resulting in widespread frost and patches of freezing fog.

Met Eireann said it will be mainly dry with good sunny spells on Thursday, with temperatures continuing to rise over the weekend.

"Early indications suggest that next week will bring a good deal of dry weather with more in the way of sunny spells, but it will turn colder again," it said.


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