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Armed gardai raid Dublin homes and business in gangland crime crackdown

A massive garda operation is underway in Dublin, targeting the activities of a south inner city-based crime group linked to David Byrne, who was murdered in the Regency Hotel.

Armed gardai and the Criminal Assets Bureau are carrying out ongoing searches in at least 12 private homes and six commercial premises in the Dublin area.

It is understood that the commercial properties include accountant's offices and solicitor's offices as up to 60 gardai search for cash, documents, computers and files to link the south inner-city Dublin gang to the proceeds of organised crime.

The gang is one of the two feuding groups which has seen two high-profile murders in the capital in recent weeks.

The searches are concentrated on houses at the junction of Kildare Road and Windmill Road in Crumlin, South Dublin and in Raleigh Square just off Windmill Road.

These are the same streets that were heavily policed by armed gardai only weeks ago in the wake of the killing of Byrne in the Regency Hotel on February 5 and the retaliation shooting of Eddie Hutch Snr three days later.

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Gardai and members of the Criminal Assents Bureau could be seen entering a number of houses. On one house it could be seen that the front door had been battered open.

A number of houses on the L-shaped Raleigh Square were being searched, according to sources.

The garda helicopter could also be seen in the sky monitoring the searches from above.

"The searches are being conducted as part of an on-going investigation into organised crime groups which has been underway for some considerable time," a garda spokesman said.

The Criminal Assets Bureau has been assisted in the operation by personnel from the following The Emergency Response Unit, Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau, Special Detective Unit, Dublin Metropolitan South Division, Dublin Metropolitan North Central Division, and Garda Síochána Technical Bureau.

Garda Operational Support Unit Assistance has also been provided by the Revenue Customs service.

"At this time the operation is on-going and it is anticipated that it will take some time for all searches to be completed," said the garda spokesman.

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