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Aviation chiefs urge passengers not to use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones

Ireland's aviation chiefs have urged plane passengers not to use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on flights.

In a safety message travellers and holidaymakers were also warned not to leave the fire-risk phones switched on while in the air or to stow them in checked-in luggage.

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) said it was issuing the passenger advisory notice in light of recent incidents and concerns about the devices.

"The Irish Aviation Authority strongly advises passengers to power down and refrain from charging these devices on board aircraft," it said.

"Passengers are also asked not to stow them in any checked-in baggage.

"This applies to all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, including recalled and replacement devices."

On Tuesday Samsung scrapped its flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, a day after halting sales because of concerns over consumer safety.

The technology giant had delayed the launch of the Note 7 in the UK in September as it investigated and replaced faulty units that were overheating and exploding due to a battery defect.


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