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Baby’s body found on Irish beach

The discovery was made in Balbriggan, north of Dublin.

The body was found at Balbriggan Beach (PA)
The body was found at Balbriggan Beach (PA)

The body of a newborn has been found on a beach in Ireland.

The discovery was made shortly before 10am in Balbriggan, north of Dublin.

The scene is sealed off and a technical examination has begun.

A man walks along a beach in Balbriggan (Niall Carson/PA)

Irish police have concerns about the wellbeing of the baby’s mother and are asking her to come forward.

Officers appealed for anyone with information to contact them.

The main railway line between Dublin and Belfast runs along the inside of the beach.

It comprises a mixture of sand and shingle coves, close to Balbriggan harbour on Ireland’s picturesque east coast.

Lorraine Clifford-Lee, a senator in Ireland’s upper House of Parliament representing Ireland’s main opposition party Fianna Fail, said: “I’m distraught to learn of the discovery of the body of a baby on Balbriggan Beach today.

“I’d appeal for the mother to come forward for medical treatment. You’ll be treated with compassion.”



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