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BBC claims Dublin world champ Conor McGregor for the UK

It seems everyone wants a piece of Conor McGregor following his UFC featherweight world championship victory in Las Vegas.

The UK media has occasionally laid claim sports starts as English even if they are not from England.

Scotland's Andy Murray is a prime example. And now the good folk at the BBC have jumped at the Conor McGregor bandwagon. Either that or they are rather ignorant to geographical borders between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

"McGregor, 26, won in Las Vegas to become the first UFC champion from the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland," read a report on the BBC.

Plans are being drawn up for the most anticipated fight in UFC history follloowing  McGregor's victory.

Within minutes of McGregor's knock-out win over Chad Mendes at the MGM Grand, talk immediately turned to the likelihood of a fight with Jose Aldo - and the possibility of a massive Croke Park homecoming next year.

The pair were initially due to fight this year but Aldo pulled out due to injury and was replaced on the ticket by Mendes.

UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertita said that the grudge match would "probably" now take place on January 2 in Las Vegas, but that nothing was "set in stone".

If the fight happens, hopes are high that the former plumber, who is fast becoming one of the Ireland's biggest international brands, will agree to a Croke Park date.

Independent councillor for Dublin City Council Paul Hand said that it would be "fantastic" for the city to host such a fight.

"I think Dublin City Council could certainly do more to entice the UFC over here" he told the Irish Independent.

The fight at the MGM Grand was the most lucrative gate in UFC history at $7.2m (€6.45m).

But if punters pay €100 on average per ticket into Croke Park - which has a capacity of more than 82,000 - then an event in the north Dublin ground would eclipse that record.

"I'm sure people from all over the world would come here too, so hotels would benefit also," Mr Hand said.


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