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Beloved donkey Mike returned to tearful owner following daring rescue from Storm Desmond floodwaters in Ireland

A donkey that got into difficulties in floodwaters was pulled onto a boat and brought ashore by an animal rescue charity.

Animal Heaven Animal Rescue, based in Killorglin in Kerry, received a call from the donkey's distressed owner who explained that Storm Desmond had blown the gate off the animal's paddock.

The donkey then wandered off and became stranded in floodwaters outside the town.

Luckily, Mike Fleming of Killorglin Rowing Club was on hand to launch a boat and search for the animal on the River Laune.

The donkey was cut off from land on all sides by rising floodwaters but rescuers used a ring buoy to pull him to safety.

They named the donkey Mike, in honour of the man who made his rescue possible.

Mike was treated to a huge bowl of mashed potato and a rub down with some warm towels when he arrived back at the Animal heaven's stables.

His owner was waiting for him, praying that he would be saved, and cried with relief upon seeing his beloved donkey that he has owned for years.

Sarah-Jane Murphy,

Irish Independent


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