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Bill leaves Dubliners starstruck... while Hillary reveals tears over McGuinness funeral eulogy

By Staff Reporter

Hillary Clinton was moved to tears by the emotional and inspirational speech her husband, former US President Bill Clinton,made at the funeral of Martin McGuinness in Londonderry on Thursday.

Mourners were touched as he called on people and politicians to honour McGuinness and “finish the work that is to be done”.

Mrs Clinton, a former  US Secretary of State and unsuccessful Democratic Party presidential candidate, told her 13.8m Twitter followers: “Bill’s speech brought tears to my eyes. I wanted to share it.

“Watch if you want to be inspired today.”

Meanwhile, Dublin shoppers were left awestruck as the former US President went on a walkabout in Dublin’s crowded city centre yesterday afternoon.

Mr Clinton was followed by a gaggle of adoring fans as he browsed through Irish craft and design products in the swish Kilkenny Shop.

Mr Clinton spent almost an hour in the upscale store and filled his basket with a selection of jewellery, homeware and crafts — all produced in Ireland by Irish designers.

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