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Binman killed in back of truck

A refuse collector has been killed after becoming stuck in the back of a bin truck.

The worker, understood to be aged 40 and originally from Poland, became wedged between crushing machinery in the back of the lorry during late-night rounds in Dublin.

Specialist fire crews were called to the scene on Grand Canal Street after the alarm was raised at 11.20pm.

The truck is expected to be examined by gardai and officials from the Health and Safety Authority.

The man was taken to St James' Hospital before midnight after being freed with special cutting equipment. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The dead man worked for the waste collection company Ozo. The firm said it had stopped some operations at the business for the day in the wake of the accident.

Ozo said the worker's death was a sudden and tragic loss.

"It is with heartbroken regret that we make this announcement on behalf of all his friends and colleagues alike here at the company," the company said. "Naturally, due to this unforeseen tragedy we have released them from their duties as many of our colleagues are suffering shock and upset, and we appreciate your understanding that we are not in a position to provide our normal service at this moment in time. Our condolences to his family, relatives, friends and work colleagues."

The Dublin Fire Brigade said a passer-by raised the alarm when he heard screams from the back of the truck and immediately pressed the emergency stop button and alerted emergency services.

Two men were working on the Ozo bin round in the area at the time. It is believed that the dead man had been emptying bins at the back of the truck on his own while a second worker sent bins up in a lift from the basement of businesses.


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