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Biology teacher sits 30 subjects

A biology teacher who sat a record 30 Leaving Certificate subjects has spared his blushes by scoring top marks in his specialist topic.

Eoin Jackson from Co Waterford notched up 17 honours and 10 passes after sitting 41 papers to raise funds for his school.

But despite his outstanding results card, including an A1 in biology, the 35-year-old said he was frustrated by a fail in Hebrew studies.

"I passed biology by a long way but I teach that so I would want to," he said.

"The Hebrew got away from me - it's one of my only regrets.

"I put so much work into that, it would have been an unbelievable coup to get it."

Mr Jackson - who set a previous record when he passed 20 subjects in 1994 - admitted he had an attack of last-minute nerves when he received the envelope containing his grades.

"I hadn't been anxious at all in the run-up, but when I had those results in my hand and I was looking through them one by one I was nervous," he said.

Mr Jackson, who lives in Brownstown Head near Tramore, teaches at the XLc Project in Waterford.


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