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Birthday for twins born 87 days apart

By Breda Heffernan

The first year in the life of miraculous twins born 87 days apart has been a whirl of nappies, night feeds and nervous watchfulness for their parents.

Amy and Katie Jones-Elliott entered the record books last year when they were born almost three months apart.

Eldest twin Amy was born on June 1 when mum Maria went into labour early. After Amy was delivered, Maria's contractions stopped and she remained in hospital until Katie was induced on August 27 – making medical history.

But for parents Maria and Chris from Co Kilkenny, the past year has been one of unbridled joy mixed with concern for premature Amy. As the family celebrated Katie's first birthday yesterday, Maria said Amy weighed just 1lb 3oz when she was born, while Katie tipped the scales at a robust 5lb 10oz.

"The last year has been hard," Maria said. "With a premature baby there are so many more risks.

"Cold and flu season is deadly for premature babies so the house was on lockdown for months, we just didn't let anyone in."

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