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Body of drowned fisherman found

A semi-retired fisherman has been found drowned off north Donegal as the search for his missing nephew was called off.

The body of Edward "Liza" Doherty, 65, was recovered while the Coast Guard said efforts to find Robert "Jackie" McLaughlin, 41, would begin again at first light.

Both men were from the Malin area and had been on the crab boat The Jennifer which appeared to capsize.

Wreckage of the small vessel was found less than a mile offshore from Glengad with ropes, pots and cables badly tangled.

The uncle and nephew, both experienced at fishing for crab and lobster and trawling, had worked together for the last couple of years.

Charlie O'Donnell, of the Malin Head Fishermen's Co-Op, said the pair had gone out in the morning to check pots a short distance from shore.

"Eddie had sort of retired from fishing - it was more of a hobby, more of a pastime," he said.

"The normal thing would have been for him to fish from June to September. He would normally be finished by now."

Mr Doherty, a married man with several grown-up children, had a bigger boat that another skipper was fishing for him out of Glengad.

Mr McLaughlin, a single man, had joined him on the small crab vessel over the last few seasons.


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