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Bomb disrupts rail and road travel

Commuter trains were disrupted and a busy street closed when a pipebomb was discovered in Dublin's north inner city.

An army bomb disposal team was called to examine the device, found outside a house on Preston Street, just off Amiens Street.

The team arrived on scene at 3.20pm on Tuesday and a cordon and traffic restrictions were put in place for public safety.

"The rail lines that are in the vicinity of the find were also shut as a precaution," said a Defences Forces spokesperson.

"The suspect device was rendered safe in situ without the need for a controlled explosion and was then moved to a secure military location for further technical examination and testing.

"The scene was declared safe at 4pm."

Commuters trains departing from two platforms in Connolly Station were disrupted for half an hour and Amiens Street closed to traffic.

The viable improvised explosive device (IED) and its component parts will be handed over to the gardai for investigation.

This is the 34th call-out by the bomb disposal teams so far this year, which resulted in 21 viable IEDs dealt with.


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