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Boston bombings: Donegal man's house still locked down

Irishman Brendan Toye and his family were evacuated from their Watertown home on Friday and have not been permitted to return home since.

Brendan, from Donegal, and his wife Lori, from western Massachusetts, only moved into 71 Franklin Avenue last month, with their nine-month-old son Gareth.

They were awoken by the shoot-out between police and the marathon bombing suspects on Thursday night and found themselves evacuated from their home 24 hours later when one of them, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was discovered hiding in a boat in their next-door neighbour's backyard.

Mr Toye said: "We got a knock on the door at 6.20pm on Friday from a detective saying that they thought they had the suspect cornered in our next-door neighbour's boat. We ran up the road.

"I wasn't even sticking around the road to thinking about it. I was shaking.

"My wife and I are very keen to get back to our house, we want to get settled back in."

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