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Broke solicitor Brian O'Donnell is told to quit mansion

By Brian Hutton

A property speculator who built up a €1bn (£709m) international empire has been ordered to leave his former seaside mansion after losing a long-running battle against a repossession order.

Ex-solicitor Brian O'Donnell and his psychiatrist wife, Mary Patricia, were told by Judge Brian McGovern in Dublin's High Court they had to be out by 5pm today as they could not have many belongings to gather up.

The pair, who live in Kent, had flown in to occupy their former home in Killiney, south Dublin after their children lost a last-gasp legal attempt in recent weeks to keep it in the family. They had consented in an agreement with Bank of Ireland four years ago to vacate the property if the lender sought it as security on the pair's €71.5m (£52m) debts.

The luxury house was worth in the region of £25m in the boom years but is now valued at about a fifth of that.

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