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Brothers held after four-hour stand-off at barricaded house

Two brothers have been arrested after they barricaded themselves in a house where their mother was with her partner, it has emerged.

Gardai said the woman and her partner were injured in the incident on St Mary's Avenue, off Cathedral Road, in Cork city.

The alarm was raised at about 4.30am after reports that two men had barricaded the family inside.

The incident led to a stand-off lasting more than four hours with the arrests made at around 9am.

Uniformed and armed officers and emergency services including ambulances attended the house along with a garda negotiator.

The road was sealed off for several hours while the operation was under way.

The two brothers, both in their 20s, were taken to Mayfield Garda Station under arrest for questioning after gardai made their way into the house.

The mother and the third man involved in the incident, both in their 50s, were taken to Cork University Hospital for treatment.Their injuries were described as minor.

Thomas Gould, a local Cork city councillor, said the area where the incident took place is quiet, residential and safe.

"It's a quiet resident area with a mixture of older people and younger families who have moved in," he said.

Mr Gould was driving his children to a nearby school when the incident was drawing to a close.

"I've personally never heard of a situation like that in Cork. From talking to people this morning they were shocked. They would not be used to this kind of thing happening," he said.

"This is an area that you could walk day or night. I hope everyone is okay, the main thing is that everyone is alright."


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