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Bruton to meet UK business minister

Jobs Minister Richard Bruton will travel to London to hold talks with his British counterpart.

Promoting trade, jobs and growth will be top of the agenda during discussions with the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Vince Cable.

Mr Bruton will also attend a British-Irish business dinner and a breakfast event for the British-Irish Chamber of Commerce during his 24-hour trip.

Officials said the trip comes after the successful visit by Queen Elizabeth to Ireland, and forms part of a drive to further strengthen business relationships between the two countries.

Mr Bruton said: "Not only is the United Kingdom our largest market, but it is also a close neighbour with similar business culture which is currently facing challenges very similar to those we are grappling with: exchequer deficit and above all an acute need to create employment and economic growth.

"From the Irish point of view, whilst the upcoming Budget and the need to correct the exchequer deficit are important at the moment, the Government's overriding concern is the need to create employment and economic growth.

"This is a major challenge, but I am determined to muster all the resources at our disposal in developing an ambitious plan that can achieve this goal. That is why jobs and growth is the number one item on the agenda for this meeting with Secretary of State Cable."

Mr Bruton, who is preparing a jobs strategy for Ireland, revealed he planned to learn from the UK's recently published strategy for growth, as well as share the lessons learned in Ireland.

"I also look forward to using the visit to promote our trade agenda with the UK as our largest market," he said.

"Through the meeting with Mr Cable, the first British-Irish Business Dinner, and a breakfast event with the recently formed British-Irish Chamber of Commerce, I hope to be able to help open doors for Irish companies as they expand into crucial export markets and create jobs."


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